Campus Involvement & Student Engagement

23 May

wanted to take a mintue to write about the benefits of getting involved on campus outside of the classroom. Hiram College has plenty to offer students other than a great education but to experience and take in the benefits of what Hiram can give youmust get out and find something that interests you. An uncle of mine told me once “If you’re bound and determined to be misserable you will be.” He said this to me just before I went to college my freshmen year at Heidelberg University. Since transferring to Hiram I have noticed all the great things made avaiable that other colleges don’t have and all it takes to enjoy them is to want to. From the entertainment the school offers like bringing in bands and comedians, and evena famous ghost hunter, to dances and clubs the list of what to do for fun at Hiram is endless and the people at this college do a lot to make that known, like the involvement fair and advertising through e-mail. You will see very quickly that there is plenty to do here to get away from the day in day out work of school to make sure you enjoy every day you spend on this campus, from someone who plays a varsity sport, wrote for the school paper, attended school dances, played an intramural sport, worked as a tutor, went to school ran events (like the price is right), there is more to do at Hiram than you can count.

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