Ghouls and Goblins?

30 May

  Before I arrived at Hiram College, I had no idea what a colloquium was or how to pronounce it correctly. I believed it was basically an English class filled with mostly freshman. When I picked my colloquium, I found it really interesting that it was called Ghouls and Goblins.  I was really excited that one of my first college courses would be about monsters! Since the class sizes at Hiram are so small, I knew my colloquium was going to become very close. In my colloquium, I loved how every day we went around the table and told everyone something about ourselves. This made us feel very comfortable around each other and helped us become really close friends instead of just a class of students. Also, since my colloquium had to deal with monsters, we decided to go to a haunted house with the money that our colloquium received. It was so much fun hanging out with my classmates and our professor outside of class. Since my colloquium was very close, I became very comfortable with sharing my work with other students and asking the professor questions. My colloquium helped me feel very at home while at Hiram and I hope every new student  is able to experience this wonderful feeling.

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  1. Cody June 6, 2011 at 2:18 pm #

    Wish I could have gone to a haunted house!!!

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