Get the WHOLE college experience… ON-CAMPUS!

20 Jun

On-campus living is the way to go, people!

I’ve even considered living in a dorm all 4 years! There’s just something about having your own “home” that a few hundred others hang out in as well!

Here’s the thing–I live less than an hour away from Hiram, and it was strange when people asked why I didn’t commute.  Why would I want to?

My mom was always telling me, “You’ve gotta get the WHOLE college experience.”  She didn’t get to live on a residental college campus and have all the fun of being in a community of peers.  I’m pretty darn grateful that she wanted ME to have that whole experience.

My past 2 years of living the whole residental college experience in the Booth-Centennial dorm have been a BLAST!

I can wake up 10 minutes before class and make it to my farthest-away classroom on-time (in 3.5 minutes)…

I can run to the Kennedy Center for Time-out Tuesday events (food, fun, crafts, cutesy things like that once a month) or to quickly print a paper…

I’m only a few minutes away from ALL my closest friends AND from my professor’s office, if I want to stop in for office hours!

Oh, also for you nursing students/hardcore studiers out there: with all the daily reading and assignments weighing you down, living in a dorm gives you a little pick-me-up!  I don’t feel so antisocial because friends down the hall in Booth stop by my room in Centennial a few times per day! What a relief.

Seriously, I love living on-campus.  When summer finally comes around and we all have to head home, my friends and I wish we could all stay there and just hang together.   Hiram is kind of a magical place when you get to stay there— in fact, I’m guilty of visiting a few times already this summer to see friends who are researching on campus… and to just BE on the beautiful campus again.

I hope all of you who choose to be residental students appreciate the LIFE and BEAUTY and ease of campus living as much as I have!

It’s obviously the bomb-dig.

Now, I’m sure there’s good things to say about commuting, but from my perspective on-campus living is something that shouldn’t be skipped!

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