Tips for a light move in day

3 Aug

Moving from a bedroom to a dorm room is a big change for most people. Especially if they have to drive from another state and only have one trip to do it. Now since I live 5 minutes away from campus I take about 2 trips to move everything because I have the luxury to do so. Living with a roommate that has to drive back and forth to Minnesota (over 15,000) miles each year, I know a thing or two about packing light. First you have to think of the bare necessities that you need for college such as: Laptop/Desktop computer, Clothes, Bedroom Linens, School Supplies, and a box of miscellaneous things. That is about 90% of what my roommate brings each year. What helps him is that he knows what I am bringing to our dorm room, so first thing I would communicate with your roommate so that you do not have double of anything. It is also a good idea to let the person that lives closer to campus bring the bigger things like the T.V or the refrigerator. Since I live so close and he lives so far I bring the T.V, and the refrigerator.  So be sure to communicate with your roommate(s) and coordinate appropriately. Keep in mind things that you can just buy once you get on campus. These are things like laundry detergent, food, beverages, and even some bathroom supplies. Purchasing those after you have moved on to campus will help lighten the load! One tip for clothes is that once you arrive on campus it will be with hot temperatures so you can leave most of your winterware at home. This might help you cut down your load by almost half! You can always get your winter clothes when you go back home for Thanksgiving Break. However make sure you do keep some layers on campus as it can get pretty cold and snowy even before Thanksgiving rolls around.

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