Hiram College’s Bucket List

4 Aug

Did you know there are so many fun and interesting things to do at Hiram we have our own Bucket List?  Us Orientation Leaders thought we would help you get started early during your freshman year with giving you a few fun ideas! So make sure you check out what others have posted! About 5 miles down the road from Hiram is Camp Asbury, where you can go canoeing! You might think that is boring but you can do this for about 10-20$ depending on how many people are with you. There are also a few routes you can do such as a 1, 2 or 5 mile canoe ride! For those that have never gone canoeing it is a blast and you should try it. Hiram also hosts a lot of events during the school year. Two of my favorites are the Dodge ball competitions and Laser Tag! There is a dodge ball competition every semester and anyone can make teams! I think teams are 5 people with an alternate (could be wrong though) It is a single elimination style tournament and it is a lot of fun to see how each team dresses and participates. Some teams are decked out in eye black while some dress crazy. How awesome would it be to win the championship? The Hiram Baseball team usually gets a team together and is a perennial winner so it would feel awesome for anyone to take them down! Laser tag is also amazing because these are not just plastic toy laser guns we are talking about. The equipment is one or two thousand dollars or more a laser gun. They have long range and it’s a blast playing laser tag in the gym with the fog machines running to make it harder or more enjoyable to play! Hiram also usually gives out free ice cream to all those who participate or come to watch. Nothing is better than getting free ice cream and playing laser tag! Remember these are only a few things on the Bucket List. Also a couple miles down the road from Hiram is a huge corn maze, Derthicks Corn Maze. Every year the corn maze is different and it is usually around 5 miles or longer! It is super cheap (around 8-10$) and it is a lot fun! You can go during the day or at night when it’s open. Going at night is really fun because all you have to navigate is a flashlight and the map!  I remember when my roommate and I first went there; it was a great bonding experience. Again be sure to check out the other blogs to see what other Orientation Leaders have to say!

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