Accomplishing your Goals: Your Hiram Bucket List

15 Aug

Hey everyone I hope your summer went well, and you are anticipating your arrival to Hiram College. During your college career you will be involved and participating in numerous activities, but there are some things that I would recommend going out of your comfort zone and participate in before graduation. Hiram College is a private liberal arts college which makes it very different that most state universities thus Hiram has a lot to offer to their students that may be bigger universities are not able to offer. So when you first arrive to campus after you move-in there is institute week which is a way for the freshman to be introduced to Hiram’s campus and get to know fellow peers and Hiram’s staff. This should be first on your personal bucket list because you will participate in a variety of activities that will show what Hiram has to offer and the environment here on campus.           From my own experiences if something was interesting to me then I planned my schedule accordingly so that I could make to that event or activity that was scheduled. For example, for the past two years Hiram has had laser tag so a couple days in advance I would get some friends together and we would play against each other. Another student related activity that I always wanted to attend was a student senate meeting because I was curious how they were run and what happened at these meetings. I encourage everyone to go at least once to see how the student senate votes on budgets and discusses the issues that concern the student body.             By me being able to go to events and be involved on campus it allowed me to experience Hiram and become well rounded as a student from academics, knowing the staff, student jobs, and reach some goals that I wanted to accomplish in college. Everyone one is different and has goals that are unique so your bucket list will be filled with different goals, and if you want to accomplish your goals you must plan what you have to do, so that you stay on the right track.             See you soon you will be here faster than you think.

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