Student Academic Services

12 Jun

The faculty and staff at Hiram are dedicated to your
education and want to give you all of the tools you need in order to succeed.
With the help of Student Academic Services, you have the potential to ace every
class at Hiram! You can request a free tutor for any class for help as often as
you need. You also have the choice of individual and group tutoring sessions.
The SAS team can also help you establish time management goals and set up study
habits that work best for you. Students also have the opportunity to apply to
be a tutor for a class they did well in (who doesn’t want to get paid for
helping someone with a subject you are good at?!?!)  Student Academic Services is located on the
first floor of Hinsdale so don’t hesitate to stop in and ask them questions!

Hope you are all enjoying summer!

-Teresa :)

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