Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

13 Jun

The transition to college work can be hard. There may be times that it feels like you’re falling behind or lost in a class. Everyone goes through those times. Luckily at Hiram no one has to face those times alone.
We have student and academic services that are super involved in the school. In the academic services office students have access to peer tutors and other resources to help especially with time management.
I am a peer tutor for physics, chemistry and biology. The biggest problems that I have seen my tutees face is learning how to study and making sure to set aside time for a class that is difficult.
For a lot of students college is the first time that they really need to study for classes. A lot of students can get through high school by studying for a few minutes the day before a quiz or test. Student academic services are always available to help.
At Hiram, not only can you ask the student academic services for help, most professors are available to help by e-mail or appointment. If anything ever becomes too difficult ask for help. It’s hard not to find someone willing to give you a hand!

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