Student Academic Services- Peer Tutoring

5 Jun

Student Academic Services is something that can sometimes get lost in an incoming students mind here at Hiram. This is a resource we have that can help you monumentally if you use it.

Something that I value a lot from Academic Services is there peer tutoring system. Peer tutoring is a service offered FREE to all Hiram Students. Your tutor will be an upperclassman that has received a good grade in the same class that you are taking now. There are group tutoring sessions, and one on one sessions so you can pick the type that fits your learning style.

My first year, my tutors were my greatest resource. They had study tips, answers to my questions, and they could tell me tips about how my teachers liked to see me learn.

If I had a problem with a tutor, or didn’t know what the best way to study was for me, I could go to student academic services and they helped me out. This is one of our greatest resources on campus and I recommend taking advantage of this!

-OL Taylor Shutler

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