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Accomplishing your Goals: Your Hiram Bucket List

15 Aug

Hey everyone I hope your summer went well, and you are anticipating your arrival to Hiram College. During your college career you will be involved and participating in numerous activities, but there are some things that I would recommend going out of your comfort zone and participate in before graduation. Hiram College is a private [...]

What to Bring to Campus and Preparing for Arrival Day

1 Aug

Hey everyone I know you are anticipating the move-in day coming up real soon and you are probably wondering what I should bring. This is a real exciting and stressful time for first year students because it is probably your first time away from your parents and you never been away from home this long. [...]

Ways to save money at Hiram College

11 Jul

Hey everyone,  I hope your summer is going well because before you know it you will be putting your belongings in your dorm room and getting ready for class. This week’s topic on our new student blog is “Money saving tips”. I am going into my fourth year at Hiram College and I can honestly [...]

Academic Advising and Scheduling Courses

13 Jun

Hey Hiram College Class of 2015, Let me tell you one of the unique and great things about Hiram College is the way classes are scheduled. There is the 12 week portion of the semester that typically consist of a taking about three to four classes, and then there is the intensive three week course [...]