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22 Aug

When I left California for Hiram last year I wasn’t sad. To be honest I was excited to finally be heading off to college. College just seemed like the next best step. The only step. Throughout the year I wanted to leave and then I wanted to stay and it was tough for me. Ultimately [...]

Bucket List!!!

22 Aug

HEY FIRST YEARS!!!! I can’t believe the time is almost here for you to move into your rooms and be a part of this wonderful Hiram Community. I am actually going to be a sophomore this year and have some pretty interesting goals as to what I would like accomplished at Hiram during the next [...]


8 Aug

Every student has heard about the wacky activities different college campuses have had their students do to get to know each other. Personally because of financial reasons I missed the first half of institute week but I got to catch the second half and boy did I have a blast!! From the square dancing to [...]

What about the Dog?

8 Aug

Well Well Well It’s only a couple of more weeks until you get to move into your dorm on the beautiful Hiram College campus. I bet I know whats running through your mind right now too. What clothes should I bring? Which stereo? What about my dog? Well to start off no you can not [...]

OH MY GOSH I think I broke a nail!!!

25 Jul

Hey first years it’s me Ashley again and I’m here to talk to you about the wonderful hands on learning you get to do at Hiram College!! One of the many reason I decided to attend Hiram College is because of the amount of volunteer work I noticed the college does within the Hiram College [...]


25 Jul

I hope everyone is doing wonderful. This week I will be discussing the wonderful amount of diversity you can find on campus. So if you are looking for a campus that is diverse in everything from faculty to students than Hiram College is the place for you to be spening the next four years of your life.   [...]

Confessions of a Shopaholic

11 Jul

Welcome back to my blog again!! I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July. I know mine went swell. This week we will be discussing financial tips for the college student. Before I came to Hiram in the fall of 2010 I decided that it would probably be best for me to read [...]

Whether or your a fan or want to be on the stage or in the game Hiram has IT ALL

28 Jun

Hey everyone!!! Wow I can’t believe that pretty soon your going to be arriving on campus and enjoying all the activities Hiram has to offer. Whether your interested in competitive sports (such as our athletics department Div. III) or you would like  to do something less competitive (such as recreational sports) or even if your [...]

To LIVE on campus or NOT to live on campus that is the question.

20 Jun

So you can’t decide whether you want to live on campus or commute. And to make matters worse if you do live on campus you have NO idea where you would like to live. When talking to students you can’t figure out which dorm just fits your niche of a social life. Well I will [...]

What classes should I take?

13 Jun

“Its my first year of college I don’t know what courses I should I take.” Is one of the most common statements I have heard from students at the past orientations. So I want to let everyone know I understand completely where you are coming from!! When I was scheduling my classes last year I [...]