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Packing up that pile o’ junk

1 Aug

Packing up that pile o’ junk

Okay, you’re going to be loading up your cars, vans, and SUVs soon… before you splurge for the U-haul, read my “what to pack list!!” Trust me, you do not have to bring ALL of the dorm stuff you bought.   First, I wish someone told me that I didn’t need to buy all those [...]

I’ve got friends

25 Jul

If you all read Kaitlyn Ruszkowski’s post about diversity… she has it right! Hiram is jam-packed with diversity   I knew I wanted to learn about other cultures and perspectives in college… but I had no idea that some of my closest college friends would be from ALL OVER THE WORLD!!! My friend Bristena, who [...]

Staring at a huge wound from a croc bite…

18 Jul

Hello, READERS! Intrigued by the title?  Keep reading… This “hands-on learning” business is a BIG DEAL! The “intimate learning, global reach” motto of Hiram College is probably THE BEST thing about this place! What this hands-on learning means for me is never being bored, and always being challenged. I think it’s important for you to [...]

Get the WHOLE college experience… ON-CAMPUS!

20 Jun

Get the WHOLE college experience… ON-CAMPUS!

On-campus living is the way to go, people! I’ve even considered living in a dorm all 4 years! There’s just something about having your own “home” that a few hundred others hang out in as well! Here’s the thing–I live less than an hour away from Hiram, and it was strange when people asked why I [...]