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A WSEM what?

14 May

A WSEM is a new student writing class for transfers or for students who have taken college level writing classes during high school. This is what differentiates a WSEM from a colloquium. These writing classes are special to me because I am a Teaching Assistant for a WSEM called “Dangerous Youth.” It is a pleasure [...]


22 Aug

When I left California for Hiram last year I wasn’t sad. To be honest I was excited to finally be heading off to college. College just seemed like the next best step. The only step. Throughout the year I wanted to leave and then I wanted to stay and it was tough for me. Ultimately [...]

Welcome to Hiram!!!

22 Aug

Hey guys!!!! Only 2 days until move in day! I hope you are all super pumped! I know I am! Have fun, make friends, and enjoy every opportunity you are provided with during institute week and your first year with us! There are so many awesome things here for you to do so take advantage [...]

Bucket List!!!

22 Aug

HEY FIRST YEARS!!!! I can’t believe the time is almost here for you to move into your rooms and be a part of this wonderful Hiram Community. I am actually going to be a sophomore this year and have some pretty interesting goals as to what I would like accomplished at Hiram during the next [...]

Accomplishing your Goals: Your Hiram Bucket List

15 Aug

Hey everyone I hope your summer went well, and you are anticipating your arrival to Hiram College. During your college career you will be involved and participating in numerous activities, but there are some things that I would recommend going out of your comfort zone and participate in before graduation. Hiram College is a private [...]

Institute Week

9 Aug

So some of you may be wondering what the heck institute week?  Asking…why do we have to be here 5 days early before everyone else on campus?  Well the answer is, that you’re here to have the best time of your life before school starts!!!  Institute week was by far one of the best experiences [...]


8 Aug

Every student has heard about the wacky activities different college campuses have had their students do to get to know each other. Personally because of financial reasons I missed the first half of institute week but I got to catch the second half and boy did I have a blast!! From the square dancing to [...]

What about the Dog?

8 Aug

Well Well Well It’s only a couple of more weeks until you get to move into your dorm on the beautiful Hiram College campus. I bet I know whats running through your mind right now too. What clothes should I bring? Which stereo? What about my dog? Well to start off no you can not [...]

Square Dancing…What Have I Gotten Myself Into?!

8 Aug

My first week at Hiram–Institute Week–was both a little nerve-racking, but also extremely fun! By now, you may or may not be nervous to get to Hiram. I wasn’t nervous. I was counting the days until I moved in, and my parents were amazed by the fact that I wasn’t terrified of living on my [...]

A final welcome message to Hiram College!!! :D

5 Aug

Hello first year’s! Your life at Hiram College is finally going to begin this month! I hope you are all very excited as I can’t wait for move in day to happen! Some of you may be scared/nervous to leave the comforts of your home and enter the unknown of college life, but don’t worry [...]