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Though you won’t be kicking any buckets…

14 Aug

When you’re about to start off on a new part of your life, like say one that’s going to take up four years or so, you probably want to have an idea going in of what you want to have when you get out. How do you want to change and grow? How will you [...]

Bucket Lists

13 Aug

Hey All, I bet you’re all excited to arrive on campus with Institute Week right around the corner. As you all begin to trickle in I hope you realize that it’s never too late to begin thinking of things to do around campus, small accomplishments that we can scratch off our Hiram Bucket List. Examples [...]

Whose Got Talent?

6 Aug

Hey guys! This week I am going to talk to you about Institute Week, which I am super excited for! Besides getting to know all of you guys better, Hiram plans lots of activities for you to participate in. Since I am a Teaching Assistant, I get to help plan some of these activities, which [...]

Institute Week

6 Aug

Hey there!!!! JoJo here!!!! My blog today will be touching on institute week. In my opinion, institute was a lot of fun. During this week you get to meet many of the people in your freshman class. Many activities are held later in day, and it gives you the opportunity to MINGLE . From what [...]

What to Bring to Campus and Arrival Day

30 Jul

Hello Friends! I hope everyone has been enjoying their summer break because it is son about to come to an end. About 23 days until the new first years will move onto campus! Woot! Before you can move in, you need to make sure you are in a “Cleared” status. Make sure you have your [...]

What to bring to campus and preparing for arrival day

30 Jul

Hi there, Jojo here! When figuring out what to bring to campus, you must think outside the box. You will need things that you may not feel are a necessity. For instance, if you have pictures you need to hang up, make sure you have something to do so with and that goes for your [...]

D-I-V-E-R-S-I-T-Y makes Diversity!

17 Jul

(Do you see what I did up there with the title? I made different letters come together.   Imagine living in a world where everything was the same. It would be BORING. Boredom is the bane of everyone’s existence. In order to battle boredom, one needs a little diversity in their life. Now, diversity comes [...]

Money Saving Tips!!!!

9 Jul

Hey guys! The topic for this week is ways to save money! As you can probably guess, college can be very expensive! Here are a few tips for saving the little bit of money you do have! 1.) Go to the dining hall instead of eating out! The food is already paid for! 2.) If [...]

FREE Advice on Keeping Your Money in Your Pocket

9 Jul

Welcome to the wonderful world of college! Here at college students have freedom; the freedom to make independent decisions, which courses to take, and which meal is ice cream most appropriate. But BEWARE, college goers, there is another freedom of college… The freedom of spending your money! It is truly a tragedy, having to pay [...]


2 Jul

I absolutely love the athletics, rec sports, and the arts here on campus. Personally, I play volleyball. All the teams on campus are pretty close and there isn’t much rivalry, that is the nice part about being such a small and community based school. Each team supports one another by going to watch games or meets while cheering [...]