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Athletics- Athletics and Education

5 Jun

When I was coming into school, I was really worried about being able to balance my love of Nursing and my love of cross country. It almost scared me out of running on the team here, but I decided to give it a shot. I decided that if it was too difficult; I wouldn’t  get [...]

Athletics, Rec Sports, and the Arts

5 Jun

Intramural sports is a huge feature that Hiram has, and it’s great because it gives an opportunity for those who are not part of a team to play sports with their friends. I normally do intramural volleyball (I was never a volleyball person, I’m all about soccer), and I have found a new love for [...]


2 Jul

I absolutely love the athletics, rec sports, and the arts here on campus. Personally, I play volleyball. All the teams on campus are pretty close and there isn’t much rivalry, that is the nice part about being such a small and community based school. Each team supports one another by going to watch games or meets while cheering [...]