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Madness in the Media

5 Jun

So once I learned how to pronounce the word “Colloquium,” I figured out that it and the writing seminar were first year friendly writing courses that helped you learn how to write at a college level. This past Spring I took the course “Madness in the Media” with Liz Piatt and I loved it! The [...]


22 May

Hey everyone! I’m sure you’re wondering what exactly Hiram’s Colloquium and Writing Seminar is exactly. They are our creative names for the HIRAM version of introductory writing courses. You may have noticed our alluring titles for these courses; these titles reveal the subject of the course. Let’s say you wanted to take Decision 2012. The [...]

More Than it Seems

21 May

Freshman colloquium is technically a first year writing course.  It is meant to help prepare students to write in college.  During colloquium, students learn the process of revision as well as other writing skills that may or may not have been exposed to during high school. However, the biggest thing I learned in my colloquium [...]

A WSEM what?

20 May

First year colloquiums can really be a lot of fun!  My first year I took a colloquium called Black and White Soldiers of the Civil War.  The class did not sound like it was going to be that interesting when I signed up for it but , it actually wasn’t too bad.  My professor, Willard Greenwood,  [...]