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Institute Week:

5 Jun

Institute week is one of the most fun weeks on campus all year.  It is when incoming freshmen move in before classes start.  Your days are all planned out with fun activities for you to go to and participate in.  My personal favorite part about this week is when Judson Liapply comes and performs the [...]

Square Dancing at Institute Week

5 Jun

Institute week is a great way for all the new students to meet each other and learn the campus before classes start and all the upperclassmen move back in! There are so many great activities planned such as comedians, team building lessons and my personal favorite, a square dance! Everyone pulls out the flannel and [...]

Institute Week

6 Aug

Hey there!!!! JoJo here!!!! My blog today will be touching on institute week. In my opinion, institute was a lot of fun. During this week you get to meet many of the people in your freshman class. Many activities are held later in day, and it gives you the opportunity to MINGLE . From what [...]