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On Campus Living and Commuter Life:

5 Jun

I live on campus in the Quad.  I personally love it and wouldn’t have done it differently if I had the choice.  I think living on campus opens doors to fun activities that you wouldn’t get if you lived off campus.  Especially activities that happen in the evening.  In the residence halls, there are monthly [...]

Living on Campus- All Freshman Floors

5 Jun

Living on an all freshman floor is an option here at Hiram. Some students avoid it because they are afraid of the type of people they will get. I was one of the students that embraced the idea and lived on an all freshman floor. I lived in our biggest residence hall, known as the [...]

On-Campus Living and Commuter Life

5 Jun

As an RA, I know first-hand what on-campus living can offer residents. My floor has bonded through social activities planned by my staff and I, and these bonds help making friends so much easier. Of course making friends is possible for non-residential students because there are many opportunities to be involved. I personally think that [...]

Living on Campus or Commuting: Which is best for you?

25 Jun

Hey guys! There are a ton of benefits to living on campus. I lived on campus my first two years at Hiram and absolutely loved it! My freshman year, I lived on an all-first year floor and it was so much fun. There is always something going on and someone to hang out with. It [...]