Bobby Noel

Bobby Noel is a junior majoring in Music with a minor in Educational Studies, planning to graduate in 2014. Bobby is a Struthers, Ohio resident and a Struthers High School alumnus. He is a first generation college student, but has complete support from his family back home. He has an older brother and a younger sister, but you wouldn’t know it unless someone told you. In high school, Bobby worked very hard to get to his point of musical talent that he is at today. Here at Hiram, he is involved in the Hiram College Wind Ensemble where he is first chair Alto Saxophone. Besides being an Orientation Leader, Bobby is a Resident Assistant, a Teaching Assistant, a member of the Welcome Center staff, and a very active member of KCPB. He loves any kind of music, with the exception of rap. He also has two pets, which you can often hear him yelling at as if they were his children. Bobby’s favorite thing about Hiram is that no matter where you go on campus, you always get the famous Hiram “Hello” from at least one person. After Hiram, Bobby plans on going to graduate school and get his masters in Music Education.

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