Shane Young

Shane Young is a junior majoring in Political Science with a minor in Public Leadership and a possible minor in International Studies. He came from the small township of Bristolville, Ohio. He graduated Salutatorian from Bristol High School. Although Shane has only been at Hiram for two years, he has taken initiative to become an active participant in everything Hiram has to offer. He is a member in the Kennedy Center Programming Board (KCPB), Student Senate, American Sign Language Club, Education Club, the Stone Soup Co-op, and everything else he can. He is currently President of the KCPB and is running for President of Student Senate. Shane dedicates a lot of his time to Hiram, but not all of it. He is currently working with a Hiram professor and other parties in a Ravenna Renovation project. His project is to create a collaborative Deaf Center for students and users of American Sign Language. When Shane isn’t trying to conquer the world, he reads book (about conquering the world), plays sports, and just relaxes with friends. Shane’s long term goal is to become a US Senator, but before that (possibly after graduation) he intends to live outside of the US for at least five years as a cultural and lingual experience. After he has lived a full life (and hopefully made a boatload of cash) he plans to return to Hiram College as either a professor or an administrator. Shane’s excited to meet the incoming freshmen and encourage them to leave their legacy here at Hiram College!

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